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Andy Warhol, Sachiko, 1977

Warhol Impresión de Pantalla Firmado, Sachiko, 1977 Firmado Andy Warhol Impresión de Pantalla, Sachiko, 1977
Artista: Warhol, Andy (1928 - 1987)
Título: Sachiko, 1977
Impresión de Pantalla
Dimensiones del Ilustración: 40 in x 30 1/4 in (101.6 cm x 76.8 cm)
Dimensiones del Papel: 40 in x 30 1/4 in (101.6 cm x 76.8 cm)
Dimensiones del Marco: approx. 50 in x 40 1/4 in (127 cm x 102.2 cm)
Firmado: Hand-signed by Andy Warhol (Pennsylvania, 1928 - New York, 1987) in black ink on the reverse.
Edición: Virtually unique - the only printer's proof aside from the edition of 7 as stated by Feldman and Schellman; also inscribed 'To Rupert' in black ink on the reverse; published by Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc., New York and printed by Rupert Jasen Smith, New York.
Condición: This screenprint is in excellent condition, with bright and vivid colors.
Artículo# 3590
Descripción Histórica:

This portrait of Sachiko (Goodman) by Andy Warhol (Pennsylvania, 1928 - New York, 1987) is an example of the strong bond formed between subject and artist. Sachiko, showing her bare shoulders, looks over her shoulder and smiles, relaying a sense of comfort and charisma. Sachiko is an extremely successful real-estate broker as well as an art collector. Her friendship with Warhol led her to serve as his muse for this lovely screenprint, in which her striking face smiles out from behind colored squares that, in Warhol's signature style, divide the composition while still allowing for a cohesive whole.

Created in 1977, this original color screenprint was printed by Rupert Jasen Smith, New York and Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc., New York. This piece is hand-signed by Andy Warhol (Pennsylvania, 1928 - New York, 1987) in black ink on the reverse and also annotated 'To Rupert' in black ink on the reverse. This piece is virtually unique- the only printer's proof aside from the edition of 7 as stated in Feldman and Schellman.

1. Donald J. Christal, Los Angeles (with his ink stamp on the reverse)


1. Feldman, Frayda and Jörg Schellmann, A Catalogue Raisonne;. 4th ed. Listed as catalogue raisonné II.154 on pg. 96.

Museum grade conservation framed in a complementary moulding with silk mats and optical grade Plexiglas.

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Estilo: multiples, screen printing, paintings, drawings

Biografía de Andy Warhol

Andy WarholAndy Warhol (1928 - 1987)

The American artist and filmmaker Andy Warhol was born Andrew Warhola in 1928. There has for years been quite a bit of confusion to where and when Andy Warhol was born, but according to Andy's two older brothers and the birth certificate that was filed in Pittsburgh in 1945, he was born on August 6th in Pittsburgh. Whether or not this is the day he was born hasn't been proved, but it was on this date he would celebrate his birthday. However, there is no doubt that he died at 6:31 A.M. on Sunday, February 22nd, 1987, at the New York Hospital after a gallbladder operation. He is considered a founder and major figure of the POP ART movement. A graduate of the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1949, he moved to New York City and gained success as a commercial artist. He got his first break in August 1949, when Glamour Magazine wanted him to illustrate a feature entitled "Success is a Job in New York". But by accident the credit read "Drawings by Andy Warhol" and that's how Andy dropped the "a" in his last name. He continued doing ads and illustrations and by 1955 he was the most successful and imitated commercial artist in New York. In 1960 he produced the first of his paintings depicting enlarged comic strip images - such as Popeye and Superman - initially for use in a window display.

Warhol pioneered the development of the process whereby an enlarged photographic image is transferred to a silk screen that is then placed on a canvas and inked from the back. Each Warhol silkscreen used this technique that enabled him to produce the series of mass-media images - repetitive, yet with slight variations - that he began in 1962. These iconic Andy Warhol prints, incorporating such items as Campbell's Soup cans, dollar bills, Coca-Cola bottles, and the faces of celebrities, can be taken as comments on the banality, harshness, and ambiguity of American culture.

Later in the 1960s, Warhol made a series of experimental films dealing with such ideas as time, boredom, and repetition; they include Sleep (1963), Empire (1964), and The Chelsea Girls (1966). In 1965 he started working with a rockband called "The Velvet Underground" formed by Lou Reed and John Cale. Andy introduced them to the model and moviestar Nico and she sang on their debut album from 1967 "The Velvet Underground and Nico". Andy would travel around the country, not only with The Velvets, but also with superstar of the year Edie Sedgwick and the lightshow "The Exploding Plastic Inevitable".

On June 3rd, 1968, Valerie Solanis, a rejected superstar, came into The Factory and shot Andy three times in the chest. He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead, but after having his chest cut up and been given heart massage, he survived. Valerie Solanis turned herself in that night and was put in a mental institution. She was later given a three year prison sentence. After recovering Andy Warhol continued to work. He founded inter/VIEW magazine in 1969 (they changed the name to Interview in 1971), published The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again in 1975 and continued to paint portraits until his death in 1987.

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Los estilos de Andy Warhol: multiples, screen printing, paintings, drawings

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